About Mrs O.

Writing from O Towers, situated on the river Medway, just round the bend from Chatchester at the Rainham end of Stroodilingham.


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  1. duncan says:

    I think you have a valid point here but I will give you a few other thing to think about.
    The private sector is profit motivated and the public sector is restricted by re-tape. This is why traditional supply and demand theory has failed.
    Digital technology is evident in all areas of audio/visual equipment. By and large it has been an overwhelming success. All televisions are digital now without a choice to remain analogue. But of course hearing aids can be selected individually so there is a choice.
    There was a time about 10 years ago when the NHS only provided analogue aids and a huge campaign by the RNID and others lobbied parliament and achieved their goal.
    Unfortunately for some the NHS policy was “black and white” ie replace all analogue aids with digital ones whist only offering digital aids to new patients.
    Analogue can be better if……1) the hearing loss is severe/profound so clarity is lost anyway and the raw signal works well. 2) people have used analogue technology for a long time. The brain becomes used to a certain sound 3) users who dont have background noise to overcome eg a housebound person 4) music listeners.
    Soundwaves are clipped in a digital device to theoretically remove distortion but the remaining sound is “reduced” slightly and this is what users usually miss if they try digital solutions.
    So my advice is to have a PAIR of both. Digital technology is great for clarity but remember it is a clipped signal. Digitals cannot be altered to mimic analogue aids as this clipping still occurs. The old BE18/36 etc are still around if you look hard enough but I would definitely give digitals a fair chance and remember it could be the moulds or the programming that is to blame.
    The best analogy I can think of is buying a new putter for £200 that is all singing all dancing but you end up reverting to the rusty old friend you have had for years.
    Good luck

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