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Writing from O towers, situated on the river Medway, just round the bend from Chatchester at the Rainham end of Stroodilingham.

Rallying the Troops! (via Sender Says…..)

Another post by my husband, please read. XXX Thanks to everyone who has read, commented or shared my last post. Below is the email that I have sent out to various charities or organisations involved with deafness/hearing loss. It would … Continue reading

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Oh, for the Love of Analogue! (via Sender Says…..)

Please read this blog post by my husband, which sheds more light on the subject which I also wrote about. The digital switch over. No, not with TV, Cable, and set-top boxes. This time with ears, hearing and hearing aids, … Continue reading

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NHS turns a deaf ear to the needs of hearing aid users.

I wish to tell you about a silent scandal and hope that by the end of this article, you too will feel at least some of the outrage that currently has me in its grip. This issue may only affect … Continue reading

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Betsy’s War.

During the war, my Grandmother Betsy struggled with rationing, pregnancy and an ill-humoured mother while she waited stoically for the return of her husband, Bert. One day, she received a telegram from him, stating that he would arrive on leave … Continue reading

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I wish, I wish, I wish…..

Yesterday I found myself, placard in hand, standing outside the council HQ in Chatham. Hearing that a protest against George Osbornes’s  swingeing budget cuts was in the offing, my significant other and I fought our way through the hellish rush … Continue reading

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